Automotive individual assessment-center-training in english

Target group:

Candidates for team leader positions in the automotive industry who must undergo a potential validation within the company

Note: Please note that the training may not be equally suitable for all companies. If you are not sure whether it is the right training for you we would be pleased to advice you.

Possible modules:

  • Staff appraisal (1:1-situation)
  • Self-reflection
  • Interview
  • Individual case-study incl. concept presentation and Q&A session 

Since you are the only participant and have your own trainer, you can adjust the content and priorities individually.

Task compilation example 1: 

  • 2 x Staff appraisal and self-reflection
  • 2 x Presentation of the individual case-study followed by a Q&A session (survey)
  • 2 x Interview

Task compilation example 2:

  • 3 x Staff appraisal and self-reflection
  • 1 x Presentation of the individual case-study followed by a Q&A session (survey)
  • 2 x Interview

Task compilation example 3:

  • 4 x Staff appraisal and self-reflection
  • 1 x Presentation of the individual case-study followed by a Q&A session (survey)
  • 1 x Interview

Process / conditions:

  • First: Online-Coaching via Web: 3 hours (Just make this system check before!)
  • Second: On-Site-Training in Munich: One-day individual coaching in the period from 10 am to 6 pm
  • You can arrange the requested modules as you like. The examples serve only as an orientation of what would be possible on one training day. The prerequisite for this is that you have already prepared the tasks at home in advance.
  • Please send us with your scheduling request your desired combination of tasks.
  • In preparation for your training, you will receive corresponding work orders from us. The preparation is necessary to ensure the highest level of efficiency on the training day.
  • Generally it is possible to make a shift in the main tasks during the training, for example, if you find that you have greater learning field in a certain module than you expected and you want to do it again.
  • The coach is exclusively available to you on your booked training hours.
  • You will receive clear and open feedback by the coach immediately after each exercise.
  • If required we will provide you theoretical input on all modules with tried-and-tested solution methods and processing strategies.
  • We will record the performance of your practical exercises for you and make them available on your personal storage medium.

Recommendations / FAQs:

  • Time till your assessment-center:
    You benefit from the longest possible time between training and real assessment-center. This allows you to work in a focused manner on the learning fields identified in the training and thereby make more efficient use of the available time up to your real assessment-center. A short-term preparation is possible in principle. However, be aware that this is more of an "exam study", which does not correspond to our preferred learning strategy.
  • Preparation for the training:
    In the days prior to your training, be sure to schedule several hours to process the assignments you will receive from us. It should be considered that you will need a lot of time especially for the preparation of the individual case study. If you have selected this module, you should bring it as ready for presentation as possible.
  • Your personal claim:
    Solve the claim of having to achieve equally good results in all modules of the assessment-center during the training. A very high personal claim can have a blocking effect in the training situation and lead to frustration if you do not achieve the expected result. Consider the training as a personal assessment of your position and do not be disappointed if the desired success does not immediately set in one of the modules.
  • Handling feedback:
    During the exercises you will be observed by your trainer and afterwards rated by strict standards. You will receive unvarnished expert-feedback after each station so that you can accurately assess how you have performed each task. You will also receive information whether your demonstrated performance would suffice to pass the assessment-center. We hold the mirror up to you, clarify your concrete learning fields and show you individual optimization approaches. Please be advised that honest and critical feedback will help you the most even if it is not always pleasant.

Your benefits in total:

  • One coach exclusively for you
  • Individual compilation of the above training modules
  • If required shifting the focus during the coaching
  • Rehearsal in a protected frame
  • Immediate judgement and open, clear expert feedback on each task
  • Identification of your personal learning fields
  • Field-proven processing methods and solution strategies for all modules
  • Reflection of your leadership-behavior

Online-Coaching via Web: 3 hours and
On-Site-Training in Munich 1 day from 10 am to 6 pm: It includes a break of one hour which can be divided individually by agreement with the coach according to your needs (duration of training: 7 hours). 

Your coach:
Sara Gerhold (business psychologist)

Your investment:

Participation fee for private payers: 1.990,- € (incl. 19 % VAT)
Participation fee for corporate customers: 3.200,- € (plus 19 % VAT)

Your appointment request:

We are looking forward to your inquiry. Please use our contact form to provide us with the following information:

  • When will the assessment-center-training be needed at the latest?
  • Do you have preferred time slots for your training or are there any time restrictions?
  • What are your desired tasks (examples see above)?

We will answer your request promptly within 24 hours (on weekdays) and submit to you specific date proposals obligation free.

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